Training for your horse

The training will be customized for your horse’s needs and your needs as a rider.  Our training will be focused on your needs for dressage/pleasure/trail/jumping/working equitation etc. We can start your horse using non-stressful approach.  We start horses, not breaking horses. 


Rehabilitation of horses

One of our specialties is rehabilitating horses from injury and/or long break supplied with natural horse behavior knowledge.  It might take longer but by taking time, the connection of the horses to the humans will be stronger and will have lasting

Riding Lessons

We can provide you lessons on your horse or one of our horses if you do not have one. The lesson will be customized according to your level, ability and objective. 

Lusitanos, the Noble Horse of Portugal

For many, Lusitanos are the horses of dreams. Lusitanos combine beauty and power. Grace and athleticism. Kindness and intelligence. Lusitanos exemplify the best equine essence making them exquisite to ride and fun to be around. This Portuguese horse breed is

Working Equitation

A modern sport that is based on classical horsemanship. It’s no surprise Working Equitation is gaining popularity in the United States because of the broad appeal that it has with so many equestrians. It is a sport that has developed

Sport of Working Equitation

Working Equitation is one of the fastest growing sports in the country because it is an effective and fun way of training. It is based on classical principles and practices but done in an appealing modern format. It originated in

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