I like to bring horses and people together in ways that are good for both of them. After working with so many horses and equestrians, I have distilled my approach for teaching and training into three things:


1. Develop your horse’s natural abilities. Your horse has a potential that you can help them fulfill. That means you need to understand the needs and tendencies of your particular horse. Then you can implement a strategy to help them become the focused, calm, strong, and capable partner you want.

2. Develop your relationship with your horse. Communication starts with first understanding and then seeking to be understood. You need to communicate with your horse in ways that make sense to them. Your horse is an amazing animal that wants to be your partner. By paying attention to the mental and physical nature of your horse, you can access great dimensions to your relationship.

3. Create something beautiful. Equestrianism is an art, and art should be beautiful. It should also demonstrate ways that express what it is to be the best version of ourselves. We are some of the luckiest people in the world because we get to work with our great equine partners. Make great art.


Since my grandmother helped me crawl onto the back of my first pony at a very young age, I knew that training horses was a long-term endeavor. That’s why in trying to understand horses and be the best trainer I could be, I worked with many horses in many disciplines.

I have an extensive background in eventing and jumping, and horsemanship. I have an aptitude for problem-solving behavior issues. However, my focus and primary love is dressage. The subtle connection we can make with our horses is eternally interesting and gratifying. I am also actively training in the discipline of working equitation, an activity that combines dressage principles with obstacles. That creates whole new categories of difficulty and fun.

Besides offering customized teaching and training for you and your horse, I have Lusitano horses offered for sale. Woodbridge is the perfect place for me to show these majestic horses and teach and train them.

Contact me to see demonstrations of my training program and to let me know about your equestrian pursuits. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jack is a very capable, compassionate and effective teacher for both horse and rider.  ….Until we met Jack, no one had been able to train him to consistently do flying changes.  Rather than force the issue and frustrate Equidor, Jack gradually introduced the flying changes in conjunction with other strengthening exercises and over the past year they’ve become solid.

…..  While I hope these descriptions give some idea of Jack’s talents as a horse trainer, the words don’t capture the happiness I see on Equidor’s face after his sessions with Jack; he literally beams!   – Margaret *Click Here to read full testimonial from Margaret*