Be clear, and come from the same inner calmness at all times.  Sounds like good advice for any situation, right?

My husband Dan and I met Jack in December of 2011.    I was in that awful place where you feel lost and frustrated with riding, and had little or no confidence left in my equestrian skills. I was riding horses with little formal training and/or bad habits and did not have the training myself to handle them.  We talked about me taking some lessons from Jack.  I read more about Jack on his website and was convinced after that and our conversation it was time for some formal, proper training.  I contacted Jack and we scheduled some lessons.

When I watch Jack lunge and ride, no matter what happens he remains calm and is sending a clear message to his horse.  I asked him how he maintains that, always.  He explained that when you come from the same calm place from within, and are clear with your message (your aid), your horse will learn to trust you and know that you are there for them.   He explained that this holds true whether you and your horse are having a lunge session, riding a relaxing trail or coming up on your next cross country course jump at a three day event.

Jack started with teaching me proper longing technique accompanied by in-hand work.  I learned that when a horse is on a lunge line it is a place of calmness and focus with an opportunity for education and physical conditioning, and is not a place to let your horse “get the bucks out”.  I am amazed at how much suppleness from in-hand work can be attained on a lunge line.

We can attest to Jack’s abilities and talent by watching him train and show horses.

We watch Jack teach children and adults alike.  Jack’s own children are quite the accomplished equestrians and are training their own new horse, Destino.   Jack’s giving lessons to our 5 year old grandson, Zane. I’ve never seen Zane as focused as he is when he is in a lesson with Jack.  Trust us, it is no small task!

Jack is consistently there for the horses and clients at his barn.  Whenever an emergency has occurred, he is there to assist with whatever the situation, and consult with the Vet if necessary.

After almost a year of lessons, I started thinking about having another horse.  Jack has shared his experience with and love for the Lusitano breed.  As we became educated about Lusitanos, I immediately fell in love with their beauty and versatile physical ability.   Jack helped us begin our search.  Jack, Dan, and I visited a friend of Jack’s barn in Napa.  There, we met and rode Camelia, a 7 year old buckskin Lusitano mare.   With Jack’s approval, and him by our side every step of the way from the first ride through the vet check, we are her proud new owners.

I am confident the experience we will have with Camelia under Jack will be nothing less than spectacular.  We plan on focusing on dressage, and a perhaps a novice three day event.  We will breed Camelia soon, and will look to Jack for his expertise in caring for and training a mare in foal, and the foal that comes along.

Thanks to Jack’s expertise, my confidence is restored.   We are proud to call him our friend.

By:  Valencia