We met Jack in 2010 when Equidor was recovering from a neck injury of unknown cause.  Jack suggested he might be able to further help Equidor’s recuperation.  Jack is a very capable, compassionate and effective teacher for both horse and rider.  With his comprehensive knowledge of classical dressage he engages Equidor in seemingly simple but progressive exercises.  There are no spurs, side reins, flash nosebands or other devices that more often impede than enhance clear communication.  He establishes the basics with a simple cavesson for lunging and work in hand to develop flexibility, regular rhythm, positive connection and attitude.  Training involves relatively brief workouts varying dressage, hacking, and jumping with new concepts added only after Equidor has mastered the previous concept.  For example, Equidor’s conformation is such that flying changes were always hard for him.  Until we met Jack, no one had been able to train him to consistently do flying changes.  Rather than force the issue and frustrate Equidor, Jack gradually introduced the flying changes in conjunction with other strengthening exercises and over the past year they’ve become solid.

As part of Jack’s approach of building the relationship with the horse, each session ends with a relaxed walk on loose rein around the ranch.  We also go to regional parks and the beach for longer trail rides.   Equidor has now successfully and confidently competed in numerous dressage and schooling shows and five three day events (placing in the top 5 in three of these five).  He just completed his first Training Level event scoring very well in dressage and easily clearing all the cross-country and stadium fences.   I honestly never expected that something that challenging could be so easy for Equidor.  While I hope these descriptions give some idea of Jack’s talents as a horse trainer, the words don’t capture the happiness I see on Equidor’s face after his sessions with Jack; he literally beams!  That’s the most important part.  It comes from mutual respect and expanding potential.  My riding, confidence, and general horsemanship also have improved considerably while training with Jack.   I’ve also observed Jack work with other horses and riders of very different levels of experience and am always impressed at how he takes each person or horse as an individual and helps them to grow, develop, and enjoy!!

Equidor’s owner, Margaret