Equidor had terrible times in 2008 and 2009 in which he nearly died of internal pigeon fever and then had a mysterious neck injury that people who have seen thousands of horses over their careers had never seen before.

Last November, after the neck injury,  I moved him to Sonoma Equestrian Center for rehab thinking his show career was over and only hoping that he’d recover enough to be a happy retired horse.  We have had a great rehab team at SEC, a vet who got us through the acute phases of the injury and several followup crises, another vet who does all things to relieve horses in pain such as chiropractic, accupuncture and and whatever else it takes such as scouting out ads on BAEN for a saddle that would fit Equidor,  and Jack Burns (E’s very capable trainer and confidante).

E and Jack had their debut today at Woodbridge Farms schooling show where they got an astounding 78 and 76 in Level 1, Tests 1 and 2.  I always thought E had the potential to get these types of scores, but it took the right combination of confidence in his rider and happiness at home to get him there.  Here are the links to the videos.

Thanks so much to everyone for their support.  Enjoy!!
Love to all,

Margaret W. (Equidor’s adoring owner)



Team Equidor